A Girl With Dreams

Okt 10, 2006 at 22:02 o\clock

I wish it was all Over!!!

Mood: depressed

     I just wish Homecomming was all over!! So my crush got a date like I told you about and now my best friend also got a date at the last minute. So my other friends wanted me to go together with them in a friends group. Only they all can't dance so I told them that i wasn't going. They were kind of mad at me and didn't understand why I didn't want to go. I didn't want to go because I have been to 4 other dances and all without dates. i am just tired of going by myself and it makes me feel feally lonely when a slow song comes on and I just always go get a drink. Well also it is lame to go by yourself when you are a senior. Anyways I am just going to go to my friends house and we are going to watch movies and pig out on junk food and get really fat!!!!! All I wanted to do was go to homecomming with a boy but I guess that dream just isn't coming true. Till next time thanks for readin.!!

Sep 22, 2006 at 21:31 o\clock

My Heart Got Stomped On

Mood: sad

Today was the worst day! My heart feels like it has been ripped out and stomped on. See my high school homecomming is next week. My school has a big football game and then there is the Homecomming dance. Well I have been working so hard for the guy I mentioned (is so hot) to like me. I talk to him all the time but not to much where it is annoying. I go to soccer and football games and hang with him. Then what does he do!.....Asks another girl to Homecomming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sad  I am so sad. I had this gut feeling in me that he was going to ask me but he didn't. Plus my best friend who i talked about her liking him but she doesn't no I like him too i s totally crushed cause he didn't ask her. Plus all i want is a shoulder to cry on but i don't have on cause my best friend is using mine cause she is upset that he didn't ask her. My life sucks right now. So it looks like i will be going to another dance alone. All I want is a date for a dance just one time!!!! Is that to much to ask for??? Some things just arn't fair!    Plus this girl he asked is way ugly.

Sep 11, 2006 at 21:31 o\clock

Short and Sweet

Mood: sad

September 11th! Sad  Remember the victims !!!!!!!!!

Sep 6, 2006 at 01:32 o\clock

The Guy Problem!!!

Mood: confused

      Okay so I have a problem with guys! I have always liked guys but have always done nothing about it! Well there is this guy that I like these days. He will remain nameless. Anyways he is so perfect!Crazy He is in to all the same sports as me. He is the captin of all of them. Also, this guy is really smart. He is in one of my classes this year. I talk to him and he seems really nice. There is only one problem! My best friend likes him. A lot!!!!! She told me this like a year ago before I liked him. Now I like him and I can't tell her!!!! She would hate me. My other friends think we would make the perfect cuple. OMG he is so cute. I can't stop thinking about him.Happy Sometimes I get the feeling he likes me back and sometimes I don't. If he did ask me out what should I do. Say yes and have to tell my friend or say no. Remember I have never had a boyfriend!! HELP !!!!!!Sad  Well now you know my biggest problem!! Thats all for now!!!Happy 

Aug 31, 2006 at 00:08 o\clock

Visiting The City

Mood: Happy

     I love the city Chicago more than anything in the world. My Aunt and Uncle and cousin live there. I visit them all the time. In fact I just got back from visiting them for four days. I would love to live in Chicago! I love the tall buildings, the busy life style and the culture in the city. My aunt and uncle live in a third floor condo in a small town inside Chicago. Their place is so cool. They can walk to town and there are such cute stores just a mile from their house. They are moving to a subberb cause they are having another baby. This way I get to visit them evern more. The only problem is the fact that I want to become a school teacher. However, I don't want to teach in a school in the city. To many troubled kids and not enough money for the schools. And a school teacher can't afford the cost of Chicago living. Maybe I will marry a man who can work in Chicago so I can teach and live in the city!!!! That is if I ever get a boyfriendSad. Anyways it is my dream to live in Chicago. Maybe I will go to a college in a City!!! Well got to get ready for school. It is starting TuesdayAngry I hate school!Good by to all you bloggers reading about another one of my dreams!Happy