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Sep 4, 2008 at 16:23 o\clock

Turn Into A Successful Trader With SigmaForex

Not all Forex traders were cut from the same cloth, but the most successful investors do have several things in common. Whether you are a newcomer to trading or you are a seasoned pro who is trying to improve your game plan, the following suggestions may help you out. Below are five ways to evolve into a successful trader:

1. Become a lifelong student – Never stop learning about the business you are in. If you think you know everything about the Forex market, then think again. The successful trader is a lifelong student who constantly absorbs new information about the ever-evolving climate of Forex trading.

2. Be courageous – It's hard to overcome your fears when you are dealing with an unpredictable investment. Even if you are equipped with extensive knowledge about the market, you still have to put your money at risk every day. Reserve a small amount of apprehension (just enough to keep you sensible), but don't hesitate at every turn.

3. Hone your math skills – You are wading through a sea of mathematical information every day when you look over your charts. The most successful traders know how to take that large amount of information and pull out necessary information.

4. Be patient – Become a long-term investor and put all notions of overnight success to rest. You must adopt a stoic attitude, as you make the most informed decisions about your business and leave the rest to fate.

5. Learn to love trading – Maybe you already do love trading and that's why you are involved with Forex. However, many people are either too wrought with anxiety to enjoy it or merely see it as a job. If you don't like trading, don't trade.

A great trader will love the roller coaster ride he/she is on.Are the above suggestions obvious? Perhaps, but many of us take a wrong turn somewhere and need some simple advice to get us back on track. In order to stay on top of your game, you will need to constantly reinvent yourself, as there is no world that calls for flexibility more than the Forex market.

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News Analysis By SigmaForex

The most important variable in forex price movement is not the sentiment of the participants who ultimately determine the price. Humans are creatures of greed and fear and if you watch and know how to gauge extremes in sentiment you can make huge profits here's how and a huge immediate profit opportunity. Markets tend to really when there most bearish and crash when there most bullish and this has occurred throughout history and is human sentiment at work. All markets exhibit price spikes which are simply peaks in sentiment when greed and fear pushes prices to far from fair value. But how do you spot them - let me give a live example now that could pile up huge profits of 1,000 pips or more. Let me first start with a quote: "If you can hold your head around you when everyone is losing theirs you probably haven't heard the news"In forex trading this can be translated as: You have but your seeing the news from a different angle and let's take the euro/US dollar pair as an example.Most analysts and investors are bearish the dollar and it's been hit by a lot of bad news over the last few weeks including: Interest rates have dropped by 1.25%, the housing and jobs market look terrible, GDP has crashed, consumer confidence is low and the Government is trying to put together a $150 billion rescue package - so the dollar is going to fall into oblivion - RIGHT? Dead wrong! This is old news and discounted by the market and if you look at a chart, the euro has hit chart resistance and is FALLING. Why? Because the news is discounted and traders who were gripped by fear and selling the dollar have sold as much as they can and sentiment is at a bearish extreme - that's why the dollar is rallying, in the face of what appears to be bad news. Furthermore, the market will soon look ahead and think the Fed has been proactive and things must improve. Sure euro zone has better interest rates - but it to have a struggling economy which needs interest cuts and traders will realize this will sell the euro and buy the dollar. Remember what I said earlier: Markets always rally when they appear most bearish and the dollar is no exception. The fact that bearish news cannot send the dollar lower, points to a turn and it could be 1,000 pips or more in profit. If you get up a forex chart and look at it, you will see the reality of the dollar getting support and euro momentum falling. All markets do this and forex markets are no exception. Always Remember This: Traders push prices to far up or down based upon the emotions of greed and fear and when the buying or selling frenzy ends, the market turns and a counter rally starts. Check out a forex chart of the US Dollar and euro and you will see exactly what I mean and if you take into account what we have said on sentiment above you could get in on a huge profit opportunity.

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The Security Of Funding With Sigmaforex

The Security Of Funding With Sigmaforex

Customers funds deposited with Sigma, are held and maintained separately in separated trading accounts at our partner banks. Sigma also provides its customers a variety of account plans, and services to choose from when creating or adjusting a profile.

The professionals at Sigma are dedicated to providing the guidance you need to accomplish your investment objectives.

Sigma devotes serious effort to serve the emerging retail segment of the Forex community. Its commitment to providing an excellent customer service, innovative currency trading technology, and dealing practices, establishes Sigma as a notable force that traders look forward to for an advanced Forex charting, Forex news, and fund safety.

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Lowest Spreads In The Forex Market In Sigmaforex

Lowest Spreads In The Forex Market In Sigmaforex

1. Lowest spreads in the forex market, No other broker offers such competitive spreads .
2. Sigma is the only broker that allows you to customize your trading account as you wish.
3. Maintaining the security of your money is a major objective at Sigma.
Our devotion to our clients has made our firm a respected industry leader, that we have a strong commitment to maintain a long term relationship with our clients.
4. Low margin requirement.
5. Full Hedging capabilities.
6. Sigma is a registered financial institution, and registered with the European registration authorities. The regulations set out into notice by these agencies are created to help ensure the safety of our clients’ deposits.
7. We maintain enough liquid capital to meet the needs of the amount required to cover all client deposits, potential shift back and forth in the firm’s currency positions and outstanding expenses.
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Anticipate A Pair And Win An Account In Sigmaforex

Anticipate A Pair And Win An Account In Sigmaforex

Through Sigma indicators you can forecast the upcoming prices of the pairs & get a chance to win a $ 50 live Sigma account.For participation please select the pair that you are predicting for it, then fill in the following form & don't foreget to write down your forecasted price

Sigma Forex encourage the clients to study and analyze Forex Market by giving them more promotion and more chances to begin trading at Forex Market.
First: Choose one pair from the platform.
Second: Try to use Technical And Fundamental Analysis to predict Friday's closing price for this pair.
Third: Write down in an email the following data:

1) Your Telephone Number

2) Your First and Last Name

3) The Choosen Pair

4) The Predicted Price

5) Your E-mail Address

Fourth: Send this emails at If at any time you need assistance please click on the Live Chat button on the right menu and one of our customer support staff will help you through the process.