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Feb 6, 2013 at 10:58 o\clock

Chiefs Missing A Quarterback

by: blogking   Keywords: fantasy, football, Chiefs

There is simply no denying that the Kansas City Chiefs need a new quarterback in fantasy football 2013, because neither Matt Cassel nor Brady Quinn is the answer. While Reid would probably like to draft a quarterback of the future, there is not a clear cut one, and unless Reid wants to waste an entire season sitting on his hands and letting the Chiefs be a miserable failure once again next season so that he can have a top 3 draft pick in 2014, he may need to go out and find a veteran quarterback this offseason, even if that veteran serves as nothing more than a placeholder for the fantasy football 2013 season.

At the top of that list should be someone like Seattle’s Matt Flynn. Flynn was the most highly touted free agent quarterback last offseason when the Seahawks signed him to a three-year deal worth $26 million. However, the Seahawks than drafted Russell Wilson, who won the starting job and never looked back leading the Seahawks all the way the divisional round of the playoffs.

While 2012 certainly didn’t go the way that Flynn had hoped, he may still be able to find some redemption in fantasy football 2013 that is beyond just holding a clipboard on the sideline. Flynn didn’t sign with Seattle to back up a rookie, and the Seahawks didn’t sign him to a deal worth almost $9 million per season to let him grow old on the bench either. Both of them have equal incentive to get Flynn out of Seattle and find him a place where he can actually have a chance to compete. Flynn may not deserve to be anyone’s franchise quarterback, but it seems that he does deserve a chance to start in 2013 and the Chiefs would be a perfect spot for him.