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Jan 11, 2013 at 15:42 o\clock

Anthony Davis

by: boaledover   Keywords: basketball

Anthony Davis came into this season with more hype than any big man has had in the NBA draft since Greg Oden. Davis was an Olympic caliber athlete with the skills to dominate the low post in the NBA. He won championships everywhere he went and always played his best in the biggest games. For these reasons the New Orleans Hornets made him into the top overall draft pick in the NBA draft this past offseason. Davis has played in a lot of fantasy basketball games this season and he has yet to really dominate in the way many expected he would. Part of the problem is that New Orleans lacks a whole lot of offensive diversity and there’s nobody to really compliment Davis’ skillset on the perimeter. Davis is also a raw offensive talent that probably needs a few years to develop his game in the paint. There are multiple things that have held Davis back this year but in fantasy basketball games none of them really matter.

What matters is that Davis has shown us a lot of promise in his young career. He’s posted double-doubles in multiple games this year and he’s proven to be a better than average defender. As a rookie we can excuse his in consistency. Even first round picks have bad nights during their first year but in the future Davis is going to have to show up every single night to be taken seriously in fantasy basketball games. Until he can do that he’s just a player with a high ceiling and we all know that potential doesn’t win championships. Davis has all the makings of an elite cente r or power forward in the NBA, much of his value comes from his versatility, but until he can play like a professional every night he’s just another guy.

New Orleans is going nowhere fast, so the only reason a lot of people are paying attention to the Hornets is because they have Davis on their team. He is a young player who is just now starting to untap some of his potential. If he can continue to progress on the offensive side of things, he will be a fantasy basketball star in no time. He is already one of the best options among the rookies, and he should only get better as he gets healthy and stays in a lineup for a consistent amount of time.