Cannabis Seeds

Feb 6, 2009 at 08:43 o\clock

The safest method to store the marijuana seeds

Caucious growers often have to acquire the marijuana seeds approximately one year earlier than the planned date of germination. So what can be the finest method to store up seeds? Undeniably it seems to be a significant question, as you have no desire to finish up with useless seeds that can’t be cultivated and that will not develop in the season of spring, when ordering more cannabis seeds is of no use.   
Firstly that should be known to you that marijuana seeds need suitable temperature and less dampness, absence of light rays and 0% oxygen during natural winter dormant time. We can find the low and unvarying ideal temperature in refrigerator, where we usually keep vegetables. But it should be kept in mind as well that the climate in fridge is quite moist. It is important that the marijuana seeds should be placed away from the moisture by packing them in a plastic bag when you are going to store that in fridge. It is done so that the seeds should not get in contact with air. Now the seeds are protected and will survive till the arrival of the spring season or your preferred germination time approaches. Put your plastic bag that is air sealed in a bag made of paper in order to avoid the excess light.   
The above mentioned course of action is followed to shield cannabis seeds for more the 2 years, but generally half of the seeds cannot survive after 2 years. The reports revealed that the dried out marijuana seeds that were stocked up since 10 years are effectively developed then after, therefore if you are planning to store exclusive genetics for 2 years or more, first dehydrate the seeds with the help of silica gel.

Nov 17, 2008 at 08:52 o\clock

Indoor vs. Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Internal Against Open-air  Marjuana Growing

Whenever you project to embark on a marijuana raising process, among the initial steps you need to consider is the question of whether to grow it indoor or in an open-air. As can be expected there are pros and cons whether you prefer indoor or outdoor growing of marijuana seeds. 

Open-Air Crop Growing

Growing Marijuana in an open-air is ideal when you are in a country where the law is very strict on possessing cannabis seeds. This is the safest way to cultivate the plant for safety measures. Seeding during the spring season and harvesting come fall will keep the authorities from seizing Marijuana growers. This also eliminates the time consuming task of taking care of the marijuana seeds while it is growing.

The most secure method of cropping cannabis seeds in an open air is by seeding inside woodland areas with modest opening to let the sunlight through. Secure yourself a GPS (Global Positioning System) so you can easily mark the exact location of your marijuana crops. This will guide you during the harvest season in finding back your marijuana seeds  which will then be fully grown. In getting a GPS, examine the device thoroughly and secure its accuracy before making your final purchase. A low cost GPS unit may be sufficient but only for 100-meter distance, which is not ideal if you need more than 10 feet coverage.