Environmental issues

Jul 31, 2015 at 09:52 o\clock

United for Tomorrow

Not long ago has come the time when the whole human
ity eventually realized that the
natural resources on Earth are actually exhaustible
and most of them are not even renewable. The
ecological collapse, international war aimed at obt
aining gas and petroleum, the starvation of
almost 40 percent of the world population, the dise
ases caused by the air pollution, unwise
unreasonable methods of manufacturing, overproducti
on of materials, which are too abundant to
be consumed and too chemical in their nature to be
recycled completely... The list of the evident,
real time, actually felt ecological problems is not
only terrifying. It serves as a red card for the
humanity to stop behaving in such a maleficent way.
Gradually on the international and local
levels major decisions are being made in order to r
educe the effects of ecological catastrophe,
eliminate the possibility of any future harmful imp
act on natural resources and ensure sustainable
development. The main figures of the action are po
werful global organizations, which task is to
research, analysis, and plan and implement any take
n decisions in the form of laws, restrictions
and regulations, local governments, which monitor t
he compliance with these law and
international companies, which work on corporate so
cial responsibility. Despite the fact that
these issues are put on agenda every day, the globa
l community needs to be sure that young
generation is truly aware of this problem and takes
its seriously and with all its consideration.
Only in this case the whole concept of sustainable
development, the whole ideology of green
friendliness has a future and has a long- term resu
lt. Technological development has made it
possible the creation and modification of renewable
energy sources. Only through the right
approach of learning creative way of thinking, enri
ched with the respect and care to the earth,
young generation can contribute to the survival of
our planet, our homeland.