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India Tours – A Journey to the Most Astonishing Land of Beauty at All Levels

Capturing India in words or pictures is difficult. Its vast expansive lands, its colors, its spirituality, its arts, its gaiety and essence of its close-knit social fabric can only be experienced.


As you ride the camel into the fading orange glow of profound sunsets at Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer, you can feel the horizons of your vision, your imagination, and your fantasy expanding. The oriental feel throughout the country has enough variations to keep most elaborate of your India Tours full of excitement and surprises.


One of the best mega diversity hotspots of the world, India's amazing tropical rainforests in Northeast and Western Ghats are known to have more endemic species than anywhere else in the world. India is perhaps the only country to have as many as 10 bio-geographic zones on display. National Parks of high Himalayas; Snow leopards, and mountain goats in the Trans Himalayan zone; Tiger Reserves, best bird sanctuaries and desert reptiles of Rajasthan; and rich and unique flora and fauna of South India are among the favorite tourist attractions for inbound India tourists and wildlife enthusiasts.


The emerald green Kerala backwaters reflecting the lush foliage on both the sides relate to the heart in more ways than one. The luxury houseboat cruises through small isolated island villages of Kerala, traditional canoes ferrying people and products to and fro from major urban areas of the state, beautiful fishes swimming along with your boat and sounds of Nature in the early mornings are some of the most romantic experiences that all honeymoon couples want to treasure. A heady mix of crisp, clean and fresh air and fabulous views of pleasantly cool rolling Blue Mountains or Nilgiris, as you stroll through aromatic tea, coffee, and spice plantations, will make your want for more.


The special effects of India are undoubtedly its forts and palaces and grand heritage monuments that display the grandeur and splendor of Rajas, Maharajas, Samraats and Nawabs of the bygone eras. The Land of Rajputs Rajasthan is famous for expansive strategically built forts on hilltops, legendary castles and delicate palaces that are a delight for one's eyes. Some of these forts are in ruins but there are some that stand in pristine conditions to this day. Incredibly convoluted architecture, opulent and plush interiors and amazing views from palatial forts that have now been converted into luxury heritage hotels are an experience that will get etched in your memory forever. A luxurious bubble bath in a sunken marble tub is not the only fantasy that you can fulfill at these fort palaces. In fact, these possessions of nobility are bastions of luxury that feature unmatched services that reminisce of the power and comfort that royal visitors once enjoyed.


A feast for the senses has to be good for soul. Nothing is more dramatic and awe-inspiring than the temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, and synagogues of India. The drawing power of its pilgrimage places and religious destinations, the exceptional Buddhist and Jain Temples, and the number of devotees who flock to its religious fairs and festivals held at Gompas in Leh and Ladakh, and Pushkar and Ajmer at Rajasthan make us wonder about what is really attractive - the places or the people themselves. India offers beauty that encompasses Mind, Body, and Soul as well as a holistic tourism experience for one and all.

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India Tours Hotspots – Luxury in India Does Beyond its Forts, Palaces and Architectural Heritage

The Taj Mahal receives 2.4 million visitors per year. Celebrities, dignitaries, international artists, and royal visitors invariably choose one and only Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as tourist attraction in India that they would like to visit. Symbol of romance and passion, this lovely marble tomb has a lacework of precious and semi-precious stones and several endearing features that make it stand apart. Shah Jahan built the grand garden tomb as a tribute to his queen Mumtaz Mahal, who bore him 14 children in her short life of 38 years. 

India’s old Varanasi city situated on the banks of River Ganges makes the cut for the top religious pilgrimage cities, perhaps to owing its antiquity. The 3000-year old city was once known as Kashi and is believed to be the city of Lord Shiva himself. There are as many as 84 Ghats of Varanasi, each with its own historical and mythological significance, that are best observed from the middle of River Ganges, during the early morning boat ride.  

Pushkar is another small town that receives high number of foreign tourists who are lured by myriad cultural attractions its Camel Fair offers. The sacred Pushkar Lake and the world’s only consecrated temple of Lord Brahma at Pushkar do attract thousands of pilgrims here but it is the world’s largest camel and cattle fair that holds the main lure for American and European clients. Folk dance and song performances, traditional puppet shows, interesting turban tying and Mr Desert contests, and strange camel competitions such as camel races, camel dance, and camel beauty contests make for some interesting click able moments during India tour

Extravagant Custom tours in India offer myriad diversions. Away from shopping malls and amusement parks, India’s true worth lies in its natural, cultural, architectural and spiritual worth. Yoga and Kerala Ayurveda tour to luxurious spa resorts in Kerala can provide you a chance to relax, as you never had before in rich green surroundings, and get rejuvenated for another stint in the urbane world. Pleasure beaches of Goa are popular among westerners for their raging nightlife and carnival-like festivities all the year round. From skiing at Auli to tiger trains at Ranthambore National Park to white river rafting at Rishikesh and to scuba diving in South India, adventure options at India are unlimited too.  

Those who are traveling to India for only a week and wish to experience the best of luxury tourism in the country can find good travel agents and tour operators to customize India tours to their dream vacations. Five-star and luxury heritage accommodations all along the way with some of the most comfortable and royal luxury train tour in India can satiate even the most discerning traveler. If you are in a mood to splurge, there is no dearth of unique experiences in India – take a helicopter ride over the Himalayas, stay at Mughal-style princely camps with elaborate canopies and embroidered curtains in the heart of dangerous forests, and sip cocktails at world’s oldest private club. India Luxury Tours now include many of the lesser-known gems that offer just the experiences you have always fantasized about. 
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