Midnight Chronicles

Feb 9, 2008 at 05:36 o\clock

My Lover

by: InBlackLace   Category: Enamorada

Mood: Happy

To my Lover,

I wait for you, I'm aching for you.

Slowly my hands move down touching myself with anticipation.

I'm wet for your Lover.

I can feel my body quivering with need.

 Waiting  till I can see you.

I can see you in my mind.

Longing to feel you breath against my cheek.

I wanted to touch every inch of your beautiful body.

Your hands on me.

Fuck me hard and fuck me now.

Fill me up.

This is all it takes.

Tonight my dear Lover,

I'm gonna swallow,

down on my knees.

And so very ready to please.

I crave the sweet taste of you.

Warm and wet upon my lips.

Your flavor on my tongue.

Hot and Hard.

In and out of my mouth.

Tonight Lover i'm gonna swallow.

 Well my love I will say goodnight with a shy kiss.

For now In Black Lace.

Feb 9, 2008 at 05:05 o\clock

My Next Love

by: InBlackLace   Category: Karma Kuna

I greet each night with overwhelming pleasure.

The night is my day.

The hyponotizing moon my shinning sun.

We have existed since the beginning of time.

Our kind cursed to walk in the shadows.

Time holds no meaning for us.

We are souless creatures killing with no remorse.

This lustt for blood that cannot be quenched.

Consuming life after life.

Enjoying the chase.

Desiring  new excitement.

Enjoying vast new electrifying sensations.

The blood is my master and I am its obedient servant to its calling.

Always keep your fangs sharp and your claws sharper.

A night of ecstasy.

Traveling like lightning pulsating through my veins.

This precious desire of consuming your life.

Feeding mine sending you one step closer to the end of yours.

Soon my love we will be parting ways.

And me ... Well, I'll be back looking again.

I listen to the musical beat of your heart.

As it fades away.

The lights in your eyes die.

Like, a candle in a raging storm.

Kisisng your lips as I lay your body on the ground.

Crossing your arms over your heart.

Well, now my love it is time that we parted company.

I most find my next.

My handings trembling.

Shaking with anticipation.

I feel the air surging around me with such energy.

A stranger walking alone in the dark.

Rapid heart beats echoing like drums.

All I can smell is yor blood.

I whisper to you.

Come to me.

Be my next love for the moment.

She was the perfect victim of mine.

Fear shinning in her eyes.

Fangs sinking in piercing the tender soft skin on you neck.

hat a delightful feast.

You have presented me.

Oh! What unadulterated ecstasy.

You are my love.

These magnificent sensations.

Feb 9, 2008 at 04:22 o\clock

The making of Karma Kuna

by: InBlackLace   Category: Karma Kuna

Mood: Rejuvenating

I Remember the night you found me.

Hiding in fright in the shadows.

You embraced me.

Called me your child.

Holding me so tightly.

Taking my life.

Then you fed me a new one with no fear or regret.

Cutting the ties that bind.

Leaving this mortal world behind.

I am Karma Kuna!

Living in our paradise.

Time holds no meaning.

Seasons come and go.

Years fly by without a glance.

A new haven built hidden in the desert.

I am my own master.

Hunting from dusk till dawn.