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25.10.2010 um 16:37 Uhr

Perhaps in the end

Perhaps in the end we will hold and olympics of sacrifice to see which disabled countries are the most able disabled. By the way, look at Japan. I also would have you look at China, a country which suppresses its own people for sacrifice, and then has the audacity to criticize Norway for the actions of the Nobel Committee, acting on their duty to implement the dying wishes of Alfred Nobel.
As I have understood from talking to people here in France and watching the news, it seems that the main issue is really the inability to compromise. As one user commented, the problem with raising the retirement age isn't so much for white-collar workers. Those people often work well into their 60s anyways and are not generally against raising the age limit. It's really about raising the retirement age on people who do manual labor that becomes more and more difficult as one ages. It is quite disappointing that the remont of this article would not do more research to present this aspect of the strikes. Contrary to popular US belief, French people are not lazy. The strikes are not about the whole country whining about working past 60. In fact, the 60 to 62 age change is for the minimum age at which one can retire and begin drawing a certain percentage from a pension. The limit for full retirement benefits is 65 and is on the table to be bumped up to 67. Does one really have to live in France to acquire details that are essential to the story?
 When GW Bush Junior took office there was a surplus of more than 200 billions of dollars in the US Treasurury. Just what did that little thief Georgy do with that money. The money that all Americans paid into the treasury. Why he gave the upper 1% a collosal tax break that gave them the entire surplus. No money? Not any more. Not when he was finished raiding the vault. It went into offshore bank accounts belonging to the elites of the country. Thats one reason there is no money.
Another reason there is no money.That same little crook and his friends took 1 trillion of your dollars and gave it to his rich friends on Wall street and the crooked banks.