The inclination

02.11.2010 um 11:06 Uhr

I am curious

I am curious to know how many of the bloggers here that believe we are on the right track have ever run a business or met a payroll. How many of you have ever hired someone and paid them a wage and benefits based on your own market accomplishments? I have rarely met a progressive who remained such after they ran a business. The day to day pressures of administering a business while trying to minimize taxes and regulatory costs soon convinces them that progressive policies are little more than redistribution schemes.

So I suggest that all you liberals who like to postulate about grand macroeconomic schemes take the first easy step to test your political theories about this economy: Practice some actual micro economics...... start a business, hire some people, and let's see what you are made of. My bet is that none of you will take me up on this dare because you prefer not to really test your pet political arguments. Your game is to stand on the side line and hypothesize about grand schemes that sound so.....nice. But prove me wrong...get in the game. I suspect that most of you would run home crying after about a year of trying to run a business. You just don't have what it takes to run a for-profit business (a lot like our current President). And that's why your message has failed so badly in this mid-term election. Here's a simple thought for you folks: Buy what you can personally pay for and don't run up debt you can't handle. Home ownership isn't a right or an entitlement. Until you get that, you will always be just lost out there in never never dream land.

02.11.2010 um 11:02 Uhr

The inclination

 In the U.S. every mortage is in writng making it an animate object. It becomes a lien when recorded with the appropriate office.
Just as in past Republican coups (Nixon killing the Paris Peace Talks, Reagan arranging for the Iranian hostages to be returned after the election, Bush fabricating evidence to invade Iraq), the fear and misinformation that has been rampant and deliberate on the part of the Republican Party and its corporate backers has once again bamboozled the American Public to think UP is DOWN... and Big Media has been as complicit as any of the 'secret' donors to Republican candidates.
It is sheer demagoguery for ANY politician to claim that cutting taxes, cutting spending and cutting services is in the 'best interests' of ordinary Americans who are desperate, or that he/she is concerned about 'mortgaging our children's future' -- where is the concern when it comes to ensuring that all American children have a good education? Where is the concern that American citizens are adequately protected against predatory practices of banks? Where is the concern when Big Healthcare gouges American citizens with ballooning premiums, while making bigger profits than ever before? Why do these deficit hawks not question why banks have not yet increased availability to small business grants by small businesses (which is down some 13% from last year) - to help kickstart local economies?
Where is the accountability for the Republican agenda of 'trickle-down' economics for the enormous mess in which we find ourselves? Where is the acknowledgement that all their talk about the President's 'socialist' policies is an outright lie? - or do they truly believe that corporations and the very wealthy should NOT be part of our economic recovery by paying slightly higher taxes (MUCH lower than they did in the 20th Century)? Was the United States a 'socialist' country under Eisenhower?? And did Eisenhower 'mortgage our children's future' by implementing HUGE infrastructure upgrades, setting our path to an economic boom, and paying for it by taxing corporations and the wealthy at a rate much greater than what they pay now?
Do they truly believe that 'trickle-down' economics works? And, if so, why are they not URGING their backers to start 'trickling' NOW, since they're the only ones left with any money??