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The cheap laptops

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3D performance costs more 

The cheapest notebooks have one thing in common: they are not or only very limited suitable for 3D games. This is due to the mathematically graphic logic that is integrated in the chipset . If you use the notebook PC and compaq presario v2000 battery, not only as a working , want to replace but also as a gaming machine, you need to invest more money. With a dedicated 3D graphics card , the prices now starting at around 650-700 € - that you get but even entry-level notebooks with cards like the Nvidia Geforce Go 7300 or 7400 or the ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 and X2300 .


middle-class notebooks with graphics cards look like the Geforce Go 7600 is at around 820 € : the rich for most games - unless you call for current titles in highest picture quality at high resolutions.

What do the damage?

In our tests can be traced , in general, the processing and housing quality is no significant difference between cheap and expensive notebooks. Here the dividing line is rather between notebooks for home users and those for business customers , which usually sound processing , but are more expensive but at the same price or less facilities to offer

However, especially for cheap notebooks and its Dell laptop Battery, the manufacturer is trying to pack a certain price point as much equipment as possible into the notebook. Since then it comes on every cent you can save on a component - which is less at the hardware can understand the technical data of the customer directly , such as processor clock speed or disk size. But manufacturers prefer to skimp on features, the quality (or lack of it ) proves only after long work such as display , housing or the battery.

On most laptops , you have two years warranty - no matter how expensive was the device. During this time you must therefore make a repair or availability of spare parts not really worried. The problem arises only later : The repair prices are based does not by the purchase price , but the cost of parts and labor. In a business notebook for 1500 euros worth after purchasing the product sometimes a costly repair, while a display is already changing the 600 -Euro -Notebook to economic total loss can be . But make sure the manufacturer has at all appropriate spare parts in stock - which the producers promise , although , in practice it is not always the case.


For many users, the computational speed is sufficient and well equipped bargain laptop . However, you must not forget that you are set to this benefit as long as you use the notebook , because the upgrade is more difficult than for the PC.

Most likely the low-cost laptops are good as a mobile addition to a secondary computer and asus eee pc 4g battery( games and multimedia - friendly) desktop system. Who is looking for a notebook for everyday work or mobile use , you must (still ) take more money in the hand.

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The photo features in Windows 7

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Slide show put together


If you want to present your picture collection as a slideshow, just click on the circular icon in the center of the controls or <F11> below the button. Windows 7 then displays each photo in the folder contained in full format on the monitor and displays about five seconds after the next frame. If you want to enjoy a photo a little longer , then activate by clicking on the second icon in the control bar at the top right or by pressing the space bar to pause. Use the arrow icons or cursor keys on the keyboard to the image sequence forward or backward .

The context menu right-click you set different options to control the slide show, for example, the playback speed. A click on the red icon or pressing the Esc key stops the slideshow,it also is useful for your vostro 1500 battery.

Photos in the Media Center Show


Something chic is the reproduction of the photo collection in Windows Media Center. Click on the Windows Photo Viewer "Open , Windows Media Center ". Now the all-rounder in terms of TV, radio, video and photos will be started. On first use, you must run the Setup Wizard. Then start the module "Image Library "Play using the " slide show " . Below are the pictures folder with small thumbnail images on the contents. Click on a folder to open it. Now the images in a three-line view to display, and you can move your mouse over the thumbnails . The actuated each thumbnail is enlarged. With the controls below to start a slide show here .

Windows 7 : Sort and label pictures

Once you import images or videos from your camera and Compaq laptop battery via the standard way Windows displays seven recordings in the form of thumbnails, grouped by date of recording . About the navigation bar , you can sort the snapshots in addition to reviews , folders and labels. Just the labels are very practical to keep track of large photo collections . If you , for example all pictures to see where your pet, carry the day, " Max " , you can conjure with a click on the name of all the dog pictures from various galleries on the screen.

The button below in the middle, you can also start a slide show attractively designed , the rapture at the next party guests. Labeling photos is easy by hand, quite a number of tagged images can be handled and sorted in one go . Similarly , images can be easily evaluated with one to five stars , five stars for the crème de la crème in your album , a star of blurred images.

Good: The meta - information is in the Adobe XMP format written directly to the files , so that later can also start other applications, something with it.

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The right tool for every purpose

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When buying a new PC or notebook is - besides the price - especially the respective application is the most important criterion for purchase. Only way to avoid mispurchases . Find out which devices from our Dell Special Areas for which at its best.

Home & Entertainment


Many users are tired on stationary desktop PCs, which require much space, look ugly and - logically - can only be used at home. Thanks to the prices of notebooks,IBM laptop Battery and increased hardware performance , this offer now , but as a practical and universally applicable alternative. Nowadays, you can do with a properly equipped notebook everything that was until a few years ago, a domain of classical desktop PCs. Ob ( HD ) video, imaging, gaming or office - the latest notebooks are ready for these applications.

In addition, current notebooks offer something for the eye: the days of ugly , gray folding machine are over, color is king . Shall find itself with many manufacturers models , with colorful cabinets , fine materials such as brushed aluminum, or piano lacquer surfaces on the other hand speak of design fans. Not forgetting , of course, is the convenience factor of a notebook : How to work with these devices where you want - be it on the balcony , in the garden or in the park , your mobile companion makes its services , no matter where you are.


In the Home & Entertainment offers itself first and foremost , the Dell Studio 15. The 15.4 -inch widescreen HD Notebook already offers the basic version with Intel Pentium Dual T3200 processor , ATI Radeon HD 3450, 2GB RAM, and Windows Home Premium and € 578 more for all you on for the daily work PC and its Apple PowerBook G4 battery need. Who would dare now and watch a game or Blu - ray movies , the model can be upgraded with appropriate hardware. This top equipment, HD display , Blu -ray drive and Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 processor is the Studio 15 will be around 1250 € .

All model variants in common features such as touch pad, the Wifi -Catcher is from Dell ( WLAN takes to boot up the system without need ), surround sound and more . Bluetooth , LED -backlit display and keyboard are optional.


They never work mobile, but want to create a little space on your desk to send the gray desktop into retirement and bring more color into your home office ? Then grab a Dell Studio Hybrid. This model combines design and performance in a first glance inconspicuous device - and for the environment , you also make a contribution.

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How to keep your information confidential

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Every click leaves its mark : We show how your surfing habits , music and movie preferences , and keep all recently viewed files protected from prying eyes . 

Who has access to your PC, learn almost everything about you : your computer stores , which websites you have visited. The last open photos , videos , music, word files etc. My computer logged diligently . Especially on the company PC is often unterwünscht and can lead to embarrassing situations.

Protect your privacy and therefore remove your regularly all data tracks on your PC. In this article you will learn step by step how to do this in Windows, Office to do in the mail client Outlook, and Thunderbird, in the Web browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox as well as in the major multimedia tools . There are also tips for the chat software Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

Surfing without leaving any trace

Whether last visited websites, cookies or saved passwords treacherous : Delete these data regularly in your browser, so they do not fall into the hands of third parties,it can protect yourToshiba laptop Battery.

How it works with Internet Explorer and Firefox

Internet Explorer: In Internet Explorer 8 ( IE8 ), go to Tools / Internet Options. Choose to " Browsing History "command Delete. In the next window allows temporary Internet files, history, saved passwords, form data, cookies, or the " InPrivate filtering data to remove this . The latter are related to the new private browsing mode of IE8.

It's best to put all options , except for " preferred site maintained data " is checked. There is only one point at a little drawback: If the temporary Internet files , you find Web pages load more slowly. In today's broadband connections , but this is hardly noticeable.

Would you like to automate the removal of the surfing traces , select the Tools / Internet Options / Browsing History , select Delete Browsing History on Exit ". It will it eliminate the data that you have checked as described above under Delete. This requires both a computer restart,it is useful for your Dell xps m1730 battery.

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How to Optimize Your Notebook

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Similarly important as drivers and firmware updates, especially for optical drives. In fact , the burners are quality of custom CDs and DVDs increased. The reason: With each update , information provided to new blanks. There are built into laptops often specially adapted drives , we recommend the search of the notebook manufacturer side. For optical drives may be worth a look at the side of their providers .


Although Windows fixes and new device drivers are leading to significant improvements, functionality and speed are determined by the hardware used. Already for very little money can significantly increase the device performance . We show you how and where to make adjustments . Because notebooks differ greatly in part , you should always consult the instrument manual draw .

Battery exchange

The only component that can strongly with the time spring is the Toshiba laptop Battery. With its lively use performance decreases after a few months. Particularly cheap devices are affected. This pays off buying a second battery or a new energy donor. The best way to obtain a battery directly from the manufacturer . Thus both compatibility and quality are ensured. Furthermore, to the original manufacturer of many different versions , which differ in performance and size. Large batteries can store up to twice as much electricity , but they are for something out of the notebook chassis .

As a cheap alternative to auction houses such as manufacturers are recommended Ricardo and eBay. However, caution is warranted because a defective battery can cause damage to the entire notebook.


Installation: need a screw driver is not for the battery exchange. Using slides marked on the bottom of the lock is released and removed the Dell xps m1730 battery. The insertion works the same way, with the lock not be solved even in most cases .

Memory upgrade

Most performance at the lowest price does additional memory , you buy the best in online shops . The purchase of the notebook and xps m1330 battery manufacturer pays rare because of massive higher prices. A doubling of one brings two gigabytes especially in Windows Vista very much, but under XP - especially if you often work with multiple open programs.

What type of RAM you need, you can see in the above- mentioned software SIW under Hardware / Memory. The old SD -RAM bars are not cheap even in online . This may be worth a look at online auction houses. Important: In any normal laptop RAM memory are used, but the smaller SO- DIMM format. Check before you buy, whether the speech in the product name of SO- DIMM.

Installation: The memory is usually located on the underside of the notebook and is easy to install on or off. In many cases , only one screw has to be removed to get access to the bolts. In part , the memory also lies under the keyboard , which must be removed first . To remove the bolt , release the lock on the corners and pull the RAM module out slowly. Install the new bolt in.

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