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Louis Vuitton Ensure you an Elegant Life

Will life take you where Louis Vuitton

Life will lead you from the Louis Vuitton ad title, I have a feeling of writing this blog. In the ad, which describes the journey, a process, a self-discovery process, which allows us to have to face themselves and show the world, not only to us, but how we adapt to it. In fact, life itself is a journey. Beautiful philosophy, reflects the essence of Louis Vuitton, that is, in its quality and unique taste, developed LV journey in the spirit of exploration. 2012 to welcome the second version of the journey, this is a competetion hosted the LV, which also reflects the spirit of the LV. In my opinion, the LV itselt to achieve a successful journey, went to Paris to work in its forunner, Mr.Louis, a 16-year-old aristocratic and talented minds with his hard work and smart, he opened his first shop and test a lot of suffering, he finally won his fame, and become a fashion mogul. His life can not be called a journey, a wonderful exploration of his career and the pursuit of the value of life. "Life will lead me:" I asked myself. Maybe heaven or hell. Who knows? But do we really need to believe, on the road, we must make the greatest efforts to reach our destination.

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Louis Vuittonhand Bags

Have you heard of send a symbol with a? Recently, one of my friends told me that she hopes her boyfriend Louis Vuitton belt. As I am surprised, she explained her hope that love can last forever. As the belt means bundled, so she would like the Louis Vuitton him. However, there are all kinds of belts, but she prefers to choose Louis Vuitton is delicate as well brilliant. Louis Vuitton belt based on the grid and the main aging mode. Corduroy fabrics and fancy leather. Therefore, the feeling is not only very soft and suitable for use in the waist, but also has excellent taste. More importantly, the high chroma, accessories diversified its light color, the style and fashion. As we all know, it is regarded as a classic of the aging Louis Vuitton belt jeans to match. On the other hand, the elegant lady chiffon skirt with white checkerboard with his charming, so it is a good choice. The classic elements of Louis Vuitton, which is by the master tape is simple and easy, but also very comfortable. In fact, this is a very simple luxury. Therefore, Louis Vuitton is a real model for your store or keep it as a gift to others.