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Dewalt Air Compressor - Let the Power of Yellow Work For You

Executive Summary By Shane Opp


Dewalt Air Compressors have been an industry leader for years. It has revolutionized the way air compressors and pneumatic tools are designed and created. Today the product line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories including drills, screwdrivers, impact wrenches, sanders, routers etc.

The gas based air compressor is great to be carried especially on road trips.

The hand carried type usually contain low air tank capacity ranging between 1gallon to 4 gallon thereby making it ideal to cover lightweight applications easily.

If you are looking for a compressor that can handle powerful applications, then electric or gas based wheel compressors are perfect.



Considerations When Buying a Generator Or Air Compressor

Executive Summary By Janet Ashb


Look at the manual for your tools and obtain how much air is necessary for each tool. Type of Air Compressors

Power source and Portability

If you will be using your air compressor outside away from a source of electricity you will need a gas powered compressor. Features

Stationary compressors require have firmly fixed brackets for mounting.

Electricity Generators

For sporadic use when the power is cut briefly and you only need to power small appliances and lights, a 2000-2500 watt side valve generator could be powerful enough. For longer use you should buy an overhead valve with 4000 wattage or higher.

Generator Features

Size of the Generator

In addition any electric motors, for instance sump and water pumps, although they use a particular wattage when running, will need perhaps 3 times this wattage to start.

Generator Types

There are 2 types of generator, portable or standby. A portable generator can also be used to power lights and small appliances during a power cut by being temporarily connected to the house supply then manually operated. Automatic switches are usually turn on the generator when a power cut occurs.




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Air Compressor Parts On-Hand Can Save Your Hide

Executive Summary By Herald M. Larson


Whether you are dealing with pressure gauges, pressure switches, air lines, or couplings, the pressure that builds up in these types of tools will cause stress on these parts, and you are going to have to replace them eventually. Pressure gauges are used to determine the amount of pressure built up inside of the air compressor's tank, and because of this, it is under constant pressure even when the motor on the compressor isn't moving.

If the pressure inside of the tank gets low for whatever reason, either usage or leaking, the gauge will report back to the switch allowing the motor to turn back on, thus increasing the pressure in the tank.

Air lines and couplings are another part of air compressors that you are going to have to expect to fix on a scheduled basis. Finding a part supplier is as easy as doing a search online if you know the correct part numbers.


Air Compressor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Executive Summary By Derek Landis


Air compressors can be a very effective and valuable tool, but only if they are working properly. Here are some helpful tips for proper maintenance and troubleshooting a malfunctioning compressor.

First let's start with some basic advice for maintaining your compressor well and limiting future problems. There is typically a valve on the bottom of the tank somewhere that allows for easy quick, easy drainage. This will prevent water from accumulating inside the tank, which can cause rust to form and degrade the inside of the tank.

The other major maintenance task is to keep the air compressor clean and in a warm, dry environment. A question that I see bounced around a lot is if it is OK to run a compressor off a generator. What will happen if you try to run the compressor off a generator? Leaks in the tank itself will need to be welded, but leaks resulting from a faulty valve can simply be replaced with a new valve.