Google CEO page: innovation is more important than the competition

Jan 18, 2013 at 03:19 o\clock

Google CEO page: innovation is more important than the competition

Beijing morning Fake Ray Ban sunglasses news in January 18th, Google CEO Larry page ( Larry Page ) recently accepted the " connection " magazine interview, talked about Google X, Google 's project. He says, company of science and technology should be more focus on innovation, rather than based on existing product improvement on version.

Paige said, many business leaders are very concerned about the market competition. Apple founder Steve Jobs ( Steve Jobs ) said, Android system on Google launched " thermonuclear war ". Paige ridicule said: " how did they do? " He pointed out: " just because of birth for the market competition 's outstanding products rarely. If you do the best just to beat the other companies also work, that work can be exciting? "

For the Google X project, page said, breakthrough and non incremental change is the key. He also questioned the technology industry giants such as apple, why not Fake Ray Bans to the target to invest a lot of resources.

He said: " you may say, apple only do little things, it has been very good for them. But I'm not satisfied. " Investors are often concerned about the money on the " crazy thing ", but these things are very important. Paige talked about the YouTube, Chrome and Android, he said: " if you don't do something crazy, then you Fake Oakleys might be wrong. "

" Connection " magazine to page said Google question, whether social network Google+ to compete with Facebook. Paige denied. He said: " I do not think so. This area is Facebook a strong company, but their products are not doing so well. If we want to succeed, then the other company whether it must fail? Not so. We can vary. "wuzhiyinghaha89