23.06.2011 um 09:06 Uhr

A rescue

It’s in the night, Lily was walking in the street, on her way of coming home, she didn’t notice there were three black shadows at heel, whose eyes were staring at her all the time. When she walked to a dark place, she had realized there’s someone following her, and she walked faster, she dialed her boyfriend Jim, getting through without saying any words and she immediately hung up, then she began to run to the place she first came, a   Tiffany Jewelry    shop, where she went to look for a couple of finger rings. And Jim knew something must have happened, and she had told him the place she’s going to, so he called the police, and went there straight himself, in full speed. Having run for a long time, Lily was extremely tired, but the three black shadows seemed not to be willing to give up. Lily wanted to say help, but there’s nobody. Then she ran to a familiar road which was the only way Jim must pass, wishing that she could meet Jim who’s coming to rescue her. Then she went on, she’s a strong and clever girl. While Jim’s also rushing in the darkness, soon he saw a girl’s figure, who’s rattled with a quickness of panting breath. Then Jim intentionally said ”Police. Can I help you?” As expected, the three escaped. Then Lily was rescued.

19.05.2011 um 02:55 Uhr

A special theft group: the deaf

What we saw in our society is so ordinary, but the deaf, they grouped to steal something from the buses, the leader was a deaf, too. He learned to group his members, just from the firm was acted by Liu dehua, Liu ruoying, it was called “no theft”.
 The deaf were not noticed by people, so they can succeed than normal persons, deaf-mutes are of a special group, they on the outside, but multiply to strong cutting each other but can heart. Once encountered kinship and familiar with sign language, they will find deaf-mute, and it is this sense of the belonging psychology, let them very easy to use.
  They usually focused on persons who looked gentlemen and businessmen, although they stole so many things, they still use cheap cell phones, at most, buy some beautiful clothes for their family, what they want is little, they want to be equal with normal persons, they don’t want priority, they want to be equal. They want to be respected by others, they also want to contribute to our society, but things go wrong, they made a mistake, they are remembered by us in another way, a poor impression, a disgusting feeling.
  I feel sorry about their behaviors, I hope, in the future, more and more persons show our enthusiasm to them, let them feel love, not lonely. 


12.05.2011 um 03:02 Uhr

to be happy and insist

 Lazy and innocent are not the excuse for you do not want to do something, we often said that we are not excellent enough or we need time to change yourself, why we do this is that because that we are afraid, we are afraid that the things we do are difficult than we think, we are afraid that we are not successful, we are afraid that we what we do Cosplay will be in vain, but, all the people, include yourself know that all of this are excuse, do not tolerate your excuse for this. There are three things for you can let you feel happy, the first thing is that you must feel connected with other people and the world, and the second thing is that you must make the best use of your time but not waste your time, the last but the most important is that do something for others, but not only for yourself. If we can not manage ourselves well, we will lose ourselves, if we can not manage ourselves well, we will go with the wind, if we can not manage ourselves well, we will be successful, analysis, target, confidence, attitude, study, time, this is the most important for you to manage yourself well.



12.05.2011 um 02:57 Uhr

Big Explosion of the cosplayer's real life

 Well-known people the    Cosplay  , Meiwai in "Zhu Xian 2 " is a beautiful player, and has starred joining in many animation series, Xian Xia game character, which is much popular. She won the contest in the ChinaJoy winning the golden prize. Photographer Slayers, a anime    Cosplay   Image creative photographers, they open the first domestic Festival with the theme of ChinaJoy offering personal Cosplay.

  "Zhu Xian 2" is ancient ethnic clan Sky God, with stunning looks and the soul of the unique power of magic which is very different from the other tribes. Using simple notes of the zither, or several livelier minds humming can directly shock people. But this powerful defensive irresistible mystery strength never really shows their real power except trapping in the danger virtually around the opponents.

  The role of Jade Emperor in the   Cosplay    show is a henpecked, have a good relationship with the Monkey King. They have a brother-relationship. The White Snake and the Monkey King met in the hell! All of the four kings turned out to be very beautiful women! Such complicated chaos plots in the story happened in 304 years ago is edited as the cosplay drama n- "Monkey King in the palace".

  I believe many of our favorite small fans and young generations like to watch the TV –cartoon show. When chatted about all kinds of cosplayers characters, people are very familiar with the characteres. According to the reports, a reporter saw a small   Cosplay   played by the Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother, clairvoyance and ears and all deities, of course, ultimately, the Monkey King Sun Wukong is very extremely popular. And through the alternative adaptation of "Monkey King" cosplay drama, more roles adding into the show. Such as detective Conan, radiant and Grey Wolf, the White Snake and other characters appearance.

  The performances is very attractive, people can communicate with the performing cosplayers during the rest. Imposing the stage directions of cosplayer, how does the cosplayer look like in the reality? In fact, they are no different from our ordinary people. The role of "Change’s’s sister” turned out to be  th e primary military school teacher, while the famous   Cosplay    "small white", is a  friendly big brother.

 The role-play of the cosplay show makes the animation people into the real life cosplay show.    Cosplay   show is increasingly being populated in many cities, which absorbs many obsessed fans. The 304 community is in Hangzhou, the leaders of many cosplay community. In 2009, the 304 community performed a very successful interpretation, the large cosplay drama "Gods", people got a lot of fun together.

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iPad iPod Touch and a free upgrade

iPad iPod Touch and a free upgrade. iPhone 4 in support of the new operating system the first time a multi-task operation, allowing users to seamlessly   discount cell phone    switch between different third-party applications will not affect the running speed of the foreground program. Jobs in the keynote speech of the final announcement of the iPhone 4 the price of AT & T two-year contract in the case,


16GB version is priced at $ 199, 32GB version is priced at $ 299. 5 United States and other countries, consumers can from June 15 onwards scheduled, Hong Kong will be on sale in July. Estimated to 8 months, 88 countries will begin sales of iPhone 4. He also   cell phone offers   announced, iPhone 3G will withdraw from the market, while the iPhone 3GS will cut prices to 99 dollars. Edit this paragraph signal problems the United States,


"Consumer Guide" magazine field tests confirmed that when the user touches the side of iPhone 4 mobile phone antenna, the signal will be weakened, even though the magazine pointed out, consumers can tape or paste in the top of the antenna purchase protection   smart phone    cover to solve the problem of the poor reception. Magazines and questioned Apple's iPhone 4 signal strength issue the so-called because of miscalculation signal cell phone displays the number (bars) induced.


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