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tossed them by the preoccupied male

     Bowen paused to light another cigarette, and then took up Nike High Heels his theme. "Isn't that the key to our easy divorces? If we cared for women in the old barbarous possessive way do you suppose we'd give them up as readily as we do? The real paradox is the fact that the men who make, materially, the biggest sacrifices for their women, should do least for them ideally and romantically. And what's the result--how do the women avenge themselves? All my sympathy's with them, poor deluded dears, when I see their fallacious Jordan high heels little attempt to trick out the leavings tossed them by the preoccupied male--the money and the motors and the clothes--and pretend to themselves and each other that THAT'S what really constitutes life! Oh, I know what you're going to say--it's less and less of a pretense with them, I grant you; they're more and more succumbing to the force of the suggestion; but here and there I fancy there's one who still sees through the humbug, and knows that money and Ugg clearance motors and clothes are simply the big bribe she's paid for keeping out of some man's way!"
     Mrs. Fairford presented an amazed silence to the rush of this tirade; but when she rallied it was to murmur: "And is Undine one of the exceptions?"
     Her companion took the shot with a smile. "No--she's a monstrously perfect result of the system: the completest proof of its triumph. It's Ralph who's the victim and the exception."
     "Ah, poor Ralph!" Mrs. Fairford raised her head quickly. "I mbt shoes clearance hear him now. I suppose," she added in an undertone, "we can't give him your explanation for his wife's having forgotten to come?"
     Bowen echoed her sigh, and then seemed to toss it from him with his cigarette-end; but he stood in silence while the door opened and Ralph Marvell entered.
     "Well, Laura! Hallo, Charles--have you been celebrating too?" Ralph turned to his sister. "It's outrageous of me to be so late, and I daren't look my son in the face! But I cheap Louis Vuitton bags stayed down town to make provision for his future birthdays." He returned Mrs. Fairford's kiss. "Don't tell me the party's over, and the guest of honour gone to bed?"
     As he stood before them, laughing and a little flushed, the strain of long fatigue sounding through his gaiety and looking out of his anxious eyes, Mrs. Fairford threw a glance at Bowen and then turned away to ring the bell.

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the poignancy was deepened by the fact that each of the

     There were moments after Undine's return to New York when Louis Vuitton bags outlet she was tempted to class her marriage with the hateful early mistakes from the memories of which she had hoped it would free her. Since it was never her habit to accuse herself of such mistakes it was inevitable that she should gradually come to lay the blame on Ralph. She found a poignant pleasure, at this stage of her career, in cheap Chanel bags the question: "What does a young girl know of life?" And the poignancy was deepened by the fact that each of the friends to whom she put the question seemed convinced that--had the privilege been his--he would have known how to spare her the disenchantment it implied.
     The conviction of having blundered was never more present to her than when, on this particular Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags afternoon, the guests invited by Mr. Popple to view her portrait began to assemble before it.
     Some of the principal figures of Undine's group had rallied for the occasion, and almost all were in exasperating enjoyment of the privileges for which she pined. There was young Jim Driscoll, heir-apparent of the house, with his short stout mistrustful wife, who hated society, but went chanel bags outlet everywhere lest it might be thought she had been left out; the "beautiful Mrs. Beringer," a lovely aimless being, who kept (as Laura Fairford said) a home for stray opinions, and could never quite tell them apart; little Dicky Bowles, whom every one invited because he was understood to "say things" if one didn't; the Harvey Shallums, fresh from Paris, and dragging cheap chanel bags in their wake a bewildered nobleman vaguely designated as "the Count," who offered cautious conversational openings, like an explorer trying beads on savages; and, behind these more salient types, the usual filling in of those who are seen everywhere because they have learned to catch the social eye.

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held that the personality of the artist

     Mr. Popple, like all great men, had at first had louis vuitton bags on sale his ups and downs; but his reputation had been permanently established by the verdict of a wealthy patron who, returning from an excursion into other fields of portraiture, had given it as the final fruit of his experience that Popple was the only man who could "do pearls." To sitters for whom this was of the first consequence it was another of the artist's merits that he always subordinated art to elegance, in life as well as in his portraits. The "messy" element of production was Nike heels no more visible in his expensively screened and tapestried studio than its results were perceptible in his painting; and it was often said, in praise of his work, that he was the only artist who kept his studio tidy enough for a lady to sit to him in a new dress.
     Mr. Popple, in fact, held that the personality of the artist should at all times be dissembled behind that of the man. It was his opinion that the essence of good-breeding lay in tossing off a cheap Louis Vuitton bags picture as easily as you lit a cigarette. Ralph Marvell had once said of him that when he began a portrait he always turned back his cuffs and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, you can see there's absolutely nothing here," and Mrs. Fairford supplemented the description by defining his painting as "chafing-dish" art. On a certain late afternoon of December, some four years after Mr. Popple's first meeting with Miss Undine Spragg of Apex, even the symbolic chafing-dish was nowhere visible in his studio; the only evidence Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags of its recent activity being the full-length portrait of Mrs. Ralph Marvell, who, from her lofty easel and her heavily garlanded frame, faced the doorway with the air of having been invited to "receive" for Mr. Popple.
     The artist himself, becomingly clad in mouse-coloured velveteen, had just turned away from the picture to hover above the tea-cups; but his place had been taken by the considerably broader bulk of Mr. Peter Van Degen, who, tightly moulded into a coat of the latest cut, stood before the portrait jordan heels in the attitude of a first arrival.
     "Yes, it's good--it's damn good, Popp; you've hit the hair off ripplingly; but the pearls ain't big enough," he pronounced.
     A slight laugh sounded from the raised dais behind the easel.
     "Of course they're not! But it's not HIS fault, poor man; HE didn't give them to me!" As she spoke Mrs. Ralph Marvell rose from a monumental gilt arm-chair of pseudo-Venetian design and swept her long draperies to Van Degen's side.

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Is that the precious stuff he tells

     She shrugged impatiently. "You say that because your cousin doesn't cheap Chanel bags go on her."
     "If she doesn't, it's because it's no place for decent women."
     "It's Clare's fault if it isn't. Everybody knows she's crazy about you, and she makes him feel it. That's why he takes up with other women."
     Her anger reddened her cheeks and dropped her brows like a black bar above her glowing eyes. Even in his recoil from what she said Ralph felt the tempestuous heat of her beauty. But for the first Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags time his latent resentments rose in him, and he gave her back wrath for wrath.
     "Is that the precious stuff he tells you?"
     "Do you suppose I had to wait for him to tell me? Everybody knows it--everybody in New York knew she was wild when you married. That's why she's always been so nasty to me. If you won't go on the Sorceress they'll all say it's because she was jealous of me and wouldn't chanel bags outlet let you."
     Ralph's indignation had already flickered down to disgust. Undine was no longer beautiful--she seemed to have the face of her thoughts. He stood up with an impatient laugh.
     "Is that another of his arguments? I don't wonder they're convincing--" But as quickly as it had come the sneer dropped, yielding to a wave of pity, the vague impulse to silence and protect her. How could he have given way to the provocation of her cheap chanel bags weakness, when his business was to defend her from it and lift her above it? He recalled his old dreams of saving her from Van Degenism--it was not thus that he had imagined the rescue.
     "Don't let's pay Peter the compliment of squabbling over him," he said, turning away to pour himself a cup of tea.
     When he had filled his cup he sat down beside Undine, with a smile. "No doubt he was joking--and thought Jordan Heels you were; but if you really made him believe we might go with him you'd better drop him a line."
     Undine's brow still gloomed. "You refuse, then?"
     "Refuse? I don't need to! Do you want to succeed to half the chorus-world of New York?"
     "They won't be on board with us, I suppose!"
     "The echoes of their conversation will. It's the only language Peter knows."

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I know what would happen all right

     "Then make her think that you are a regular daredevil, UGG Boots Clearance and are going to the bad. Maybe she'll marry you to save you."
     "Me, goin' to the bad at my age, and the Junior Warden of the church, too. What are you thinkin' of?"
     "It is never too late to mend, you know. You might try being a little frisky, and see what happens."
     "Oh, I know what would happen all right. She'd be over here in two jerks of a lamb's tail, and read the riot act, and scare me out of a year's growth. Hepsey's not a little thing to be playin' with."
     "Well, Jordan Heels you just make a start. Anything to make a start, and the rest will come easy."
     "My, how the neighbors'd talk!"
     "Talk is cheap; and besides, in a quiet place like this it's a positive duty to afford your neighbors some diversion; you ought to be thankful. You'll become a public benefactor. Now will you go ahead?"
     "Mrs. Betty, worry's bad for the nerves, and's apt to produce insomny and neurastheny. But I'll think it over--yes, I will--I'll think it over."
     Whereupon he suddenly began to whet his scythe with such vim as positively startled Betty.
     Chapter Louis Vuitton bags outlet 13 The Circus
     The Maxwells were, in fact, effectively stirring up the ambitions of their flock, routing the older members out of a too easy-going acceptance of things-as-they-are, and giving to the younger ones vistas of a life imbued with more color and variety than had hitherto entered their consciousness. And yet it happened at Durford, on occasion, that this awakening of new talents and individuality produced unlocked for complications.
     "Oh yes," Hepsey remarked one day to Mrs. Betty, when the subject of conversation had turned to Mrs. Burke's son and heir, "Nickey means cheap Chanel bags to be a good boy, but he's as restless as a kitten on a hot Johnny-cake. He isn't a bit vicious, but he do run his heels down at the corners, and he's awful wearin' on his pants-bottoms and keeps me patchin' and mendin' most of the time--'contributing to the end in view,' as Abraham Lincoln said. But, woman-like, I guess he finds the warmest spot in my heart when I'm doin' some sort of repairin' on him or his clothes. It would be easier if his intentions wasn't so good, 'cause Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags I could spank him with a clear conscience if he was vicious. But after all, Nickey seems to have a winnin' way about him. He knows every farmer within three miles; he'll stop any team he meets, climb into the wagon seat, take the reins, and enjoy himself to his heart's content. All the men seem to like him and give in to him; more's the pity! And he seems to just naturally lead the other kids in their games and mischief."