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Air Compressor Reviews

The Importance of Reading Air Compressor Reviews

Executive Summary By Pinky Savika


With so many air compressors flooding the market, looking for the right one is very crucial. Either the product doesn't fit their requirements or it simply doesn't deliver as promised by the manufacturer.

Here is where reading air compressor reviews come in handy. Although ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) still remains the main authority when it comes to buying air compressors, knowing what other people have experienced with the product can help you steer clear from possibly wasting your hard earned money. Air compressor reviews can also help you decide on the best brands and units.


Projects Done Quicker With a Portable Air Compressor and Power Nailer

Executive Summary By Peter Boston


With the right nailer you can drive thousands of nails a day.

The amount of nails any stick nailer can hold varies, but on average is about 50-70 nails. This type of power nailer is great for small projects. For larger projects consider getting a coil nailer.

A typical framing nailer, for example, takes 2 to 3-1/2 inch nails. One Porter Cable nailer uses pneumatic action to pound 1-1/4 to 6-1/2-inch nails but without a loading feature. Pneumatic power nailers operate from air pressure supplied by a small portable air compressor.

Make sure the nailer can drive the type and length nails you need. A heavy power nailer can become difficult to operate for long periods of time. Is nail loading a simple task? Always wear eye protection and work gloves while operating any type of power nailer.



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Air Compressor Sales

Executive Summary By Wesley C Clarke


Below are some of the different types of Air Compressor Sales available:

Workshop: Medium powered they are suited to light industrial and automotive use, perfect for tyre inflating, plasma cutting and spraying. Silenced: Another type designed specifically for ultra low noise levels (they can be as low as 40dBa), however these ones do not sacrifice performance in reducing noise, these are low noise and high performance.

Professional: Ideal for automotive users they are designed to be sited in an open environment and offer power and low noise.

Medical and Dental: Ultra low noise and fitted with air filters for cleaner air and greater efficiency.

Spray Systems: Ideal for home users and garage use, for the DIY user and great for spraying a variety of finishes.


The Benefits of Puma Air Compressors

Executive Summary By Shane Opp


Puma Air Compressors are manufactured and marketed by Puma Group and have been in business since 1969. As per most air compressor reviews, Puma air compressors come with numerous benefits.

1. High end technology - The units are state of the art machines, which have been precisely designed using top class computers. The use of technology separates these units from other similar products and makes them popular with the customers.

2. Market leader - The company is a market leader in innovation.

3. Excellent quality - The organization comes with numerous certifications like UL, CSA and CE, obtained in US, Canada and Europe respectively.

4. Low noise - Most of these units give out very less noise due to their advanced design.

5. Automatic control - These units are fitted with a fully automatic control system that controls the operation of the unit without any manual intervention.

6. Heat removal system - Its heat dissipating system is considered one of the best available in the world.