Sim's Thoughts

Feb 22, 2009 at 08:55 o\clock

Cherry Blossom Springs

by: simarillion   Category: My Poetry

Cherry blossom starts to peep,
Gracefully from winter sleep.
Dancing on the gentle breeze,
As if, the God of Spring, to please.

Opened petals of a delicate hue,
Shows its’ charms for all to view.
A golden sun, shines brightly down,
Lighting up the blossoms’ gown.

Mother Nature seldom wrong,
Fills the air with blackbirds’ song
The cherry blossom hears the sound,
And wafts its perfume all around.

To soon the blossom,lives and dies,
Confetti on the cold earth lies.
Yet every year a memory brings,
Of beautiful Cherry Blossom Springs.