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The Portrait painting (A)

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The Portrait painting (A)

Facing different groups of people,we often think about what gift to send to the people.Today,people more and more focus on reciprocity gift of taste. For gift givers who want to express who has to be respected,and to be concerned about the feeling through a caring. Portrait painting can also treated as a taste terrific gift for a friend.

  • Children portraits
  • Children portrait is the most worthy collection of gifts to send to parents.Just promoted to parents, young couples are full of joy for coming for the children and full of expectations for the children's future. We often see young parents seen the children pictures of their baby in the computer over and over again.and they will share the children lovely photos with the around pepole with great interest. Baby's every move affects the whole family's heart! If you are determined to collect their parents favorite photos, choose one or two, painted oil painting portraits of children.send them in children one hundred days, or birthday, which will undoubtedly be the best mom and dad moved to the most unexpected Gifts ! This portrait of a painting will make parents put it down and kept permanently. Your mind will subsequently be permanently preserved. You can choose to paint a portrait of a child, you can also paint a portrait of a family of three.

  • Wedding portraits
  • Turn wedding photos into wedding portraits, the witness of love can be so artistic! selecte one or two paintings from your beautiful wedding photos into the wedding portraits, coupled with the unique style of frame, it will be the highlight of your marriage room decoration. Paintings do not fade, you can save a long time, people never forget subtlety of brush strokes. it is suited for wedding and 
    wedding anniversary.

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The Portrait painting(B)

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The Portrait painting(B)

  • Self-portraits

    Personal photo painting can retain the most beautiful days of youth for themselves,and for a loved one . it is for birthday gifts.

  • Family portraits

  • Send portrait painting to parents for Father's Day, Mother's Day,Parents wedding anniversary,and Parents birthday. Yellow elder elderly old photos can also be painted portrait oil paintings at affordable color. Art oil painting is not only affordable as a gift but also the best expression of a family. Father and mother worked hard for the children all their life , not in return, they are afraid their children to spend more money on them. the old had to be refusing to disclose their preferences before children, as children, we can not mind their parents as a matter of course. In my parents wedding anniversary, Father's Day, and Mother's Day,send a family portraits to parents, or portraits of two old, old people will make them happier!

    Children give their parents a gift, whether the price is not expensive, but that a thankful heart.

    Between husband and wife: an old married couple's love is full of plain, simple, both of them walk ups and downs along the way,no more romance alone, as a husband / wife,it take a little clever for your husband to send a gift to the other side moved Really.

    Handpaintportrait recommend wedding portraits,which is that we used our brush paint your sweet and love. Portrait painting is a gift that other unexpected!

    Just think about receiving a complimentary companion portrait painting such a gift in the husband and wife wedding anniversary,or each other's birthday,how touching and proud it is. You can select one of the two most cherished photos, such as the nostalgic flavor of the year the wedding, the two travel photos... now determine the required size, painted oil painting portraits. the small romantic filled with art can bring good memories for each other, so that the good "left"and"right hand "love will last for ever.

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    To analysis portrait oil painting market(B)

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    To analysis portrait oil painting market(B)

    Portrait painting is a very high degree of difficulty painting genre,because if it is the portrait ,firstly we request it is similar to portraits, then asked the artist to draw the hero of "God. " So when you order,you must tell us your requirements to show the art images, not formality. If convenient, please provide to reflect your temperament, different angles of the photographs for reference, so that our artist "know"and"reading" you. (In order to enhance the appreciation of the works value and collection value,and to have the best results , recommended you can take the image of photographs in the studio.)

    The pure linen canvas We used is a senior oil painting pigments using imported pigments. colors cant change, fifty years ago has a fresh, five years later with a nostalgic sense!

    W can also design for the customer or according to customer requirements for individual creativity and artistic aesthetic requirements consistent with the pursuit of its original oil painting. (Such as the effect of imitation painting, etc.)

    We have a professional portrait painting studio division, has been well in the celebrity world to create wonderful portraits depicting. a solid foundation, superb skill, the performance of the surreal and delicate way, the characters depicted vivid, lifelike,their work got celebrities of all ages and praise from overseas businessmen.

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    To analysis portrait oil painting market(A)

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    To analysis portrait oil painting market(A)

    In fact, the creation of portrait painting have always been a great market demand in Europe and the United States and neighboring South Korea and Japan ,particularly in the U.S,and it has formed an industry. as oil painting art is accepted by more and more people,the oil market become more and more maturity than before.

    Paintings not only make our room full of rich art, but also to highlight the unique artistic taste master, so it becomes essential to modern and elegant decoration works of art. While images of Portrait is taken from photographs, painting color, light and shadow, strokes , texture, coupled with beautiful picture frame, all of their artistic charm is another mood, it is not only simple image reproduction, it is the unique expression of your feelings, to show the perfect self-carrier. for humans, it is more attractive.

    A good portrait painting, in addition to collection of value, but also to expand people's aesthetic realm. Oil business is booming in today's circumstances,it definitely is wise to collect an individual's unique portrait paintings .

    Portrait painting can keep the most proud of the life, the most glory, the glorious image of the most exciting, long-term preservation. Portrait painting as a real personal souvenirs, for centuries it has been the royal European countries, the monopoly of rich celebrities. As time goes by, these paintings show that it is more noble portrait of the artistic value and collection value, but also allow people to recall the brilliant portraits of masters of the year.

    It appears that after following the art of photography, portraits, especially family portraits painting markets,will quickly heat up in this season as the new carrier of living in the steel and concrete jungle of city people emotional catharsis.

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    How to decorate the bedroom?(B)

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    How to decorate the bedroom?(B)

    Step Three: Determine the placement of furniture

    Bed is the center of bedroom, so it should be placed in the middle of the room, and it should be smooth for the road leading to the bed, making it most convenient and accessible. This place gives us the feeling the room was divided into two parts bed, so it looks more larger.the two chests are placed between both sides of the bed. Wardrobe is placed in the opposite of the bed so that it is symmetry, but also very convenient to watch TV.

    Generally speaking, the placing of furniture and portrait painting should pursuit of harmony to achieve the desired layout effect, to make people feel that all of the items placed too orderly, clean.

    Step four: material, color and style

    Apartments are often subject to street noise and neighbor noise, so choose the wallpaper design with cool colors decorate the walls, both played a decorative role, but also gives people a psychological implications of sleep,it can be described as dual. In order to make the bed and the closet looks harmonious some, I picked a piece of carpet placed Modulus among them. The geometric design of the carpet is quite suitable for the composition of the atmosphere of the room, soft material make room contemporary style is not too stiff. Must not be paved with full of carpets a small room, and the middle of light-colored floor or bed are paved with a small carpet,the ground would seem spacious.

    Step five: choose other decorations

    To keep the bedroom clean style, I remainded minimally decoration. Just put one table lamp bedside one of each steel,the material are identical with the bed to form a harmonious echo. If the light shooting in the wall, you can make the whole room get a soft halo light effect. And then decorated the wall two or three family portraits, the whole layout of the room was very warm.

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